Joyful Learning Event

Venue: Government School Lakkarpur Village

Date: 18th May -20th May 2017

“Education is what is left behind after the textbooks have been forgotten”.
To Facilitate this “Action in Community and Training” had organized three full days of Joyful learning experience for the students in the Government Middle School at Lakkarpur Village from 18th May to 20th May 2017.

The joy in Learning was created by conducting Digital Learning sessions,Story Telling sessions,Creative Craft, Music & Rhythm sessions.

Digital Literacy : ( class 8 students ) The enchanting world of digitisation is still untouched by these poor children. It remains a curiosity for them as what does this big box do . Theoritically they are aware of it but practically they need the experience to familiarise with it. Lets empower them atleast in getting connected through the world of e-mail and browsing the internet. With this idea a mass digital literacy session for class 8
students was held .

Music and Rhythm : ( class 7 students ) Children love to sing and dance but the humdrum of modern education system has just taken away all their pleasure. Lets get that Music and rhythm back into their lives and impart learning through this new way was what initiated us to organize this opportunity for class 7 students .

Creative Learning : (Class 6 students) The brain responds well when it is into doing and create things. The list of what students can create across the curriculum is virtually limitless.

Art and craft activities will touch upon the creative nature of the students to enhance their horizons in practical work.

Story Telling Sessions: (class 5 students) Everyone loves a good story. All students enjoy a good story and never forget the values taught through these stories . Gone are the days when a granny used to tell the stories to the children.

so we were keen that Lets bring back that charm and fun in the lives of these children through Story telling learning. These interesting sessions were conducted by experienced persons in the respective field who Volunteered to spend their precious time with the children and make a difference in the lives of these Government school children. On the last day while the students exercised their creative energies through Art their teachers were pampered through Nail art. See for yourselves in the pictures here. This wonderful event was made possible by the loving efforts of Friends ,Family and Volunteers from Charmwood Village Faridabad. We love you and thank you all

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