About Us

Social Change is not going to come from knowing more information, but by doing something with it.

Action in Community and Training was spearheaded by a group of Social workers who were working on an education project for the Children of Naglamachi slum, ITO, Delhi.  The project was coming to a close from the funders and they did not want their efforts in the slum to end with the project. After deliberations this group of enthusiastic development professionals just decided to act on taking their efforts forward. And thus ACT was born in the spring of 2003.

Since its inception “Action in Community & Training” (ACT), which was established as a “Society”, continued  to make all possible efforts in the realm of  Community Development and further advancement. This was through a number of social welfare activities like child welfare, health, education, skill development  and women empowerment. ACT has sincerely made an effort to conceive, participate, organize and to pursue effectively all relevant ideas, and action-based programmes for accelerating the process of development of the underprivileged and the society at large.

The inception of the journey of ACT began at Naglamachi Slum ITO and was extended to Ali Village Sarita Vihar with the same passion of educating and empowering children and youth through skill development. It was in 2010 that ACT shifted project base to Lakkarpur Village with the intention of bringing about a difference in the lives of the Child labourers at Badarpur Border. Among the child Labourers the ragpickers were the most neglected lot and this motivated us to extend a focused approach in uplifting the lives of these children by empowering the ragpickers families.

The purpose of ACT is to make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged through enhanced education, skill development and environment cleanliness.

Vision : We envision an  India where everyone lives a dignified life and achieves their full potential.

Education Plus

Learning Today –Leading Tomorrow

Connecting Threads

Design Livelihood Dreams


Change the way you look at waste.


We have partnered with the government school at Lakkarpur Village and are conducting short term programmes on enhancing the quality of the education in this school by conducting joyful learning week periodically .

Skill Development

ACT conducts short term skill development programmes in the following three areas for the youth of Lakkarpur Village: Spoken English, Computer skill development and Tailoring skills


Enhancing the environment cleanliness through recycling of waste is our initiative which also provides livelihood to urban poor women. We have the components to this project :

  1. Awareness on Reduction & Reuse of waste - Target group - schools
  2. Awareness on segregation of waste at Source – Target group –Resident welfare associations
  3. Recycling of waste – Ragpickers/ Waste Collectors
  4. Empowering the Ragpickers/ Waste Collectors